This April, Karen From Finance is jumping on the Drag Race bandwagon and heading to RuPaul's Drag Con in Los Angeles! Amongst the beloved queens of RuPaul’s Drag Race and the other exhibitors, I have booked her a booth to display everything that our Financial Queen from down under has to offer. I am planning on setting the booth up to appear as a small office space, complete with a desk, computer, telephone and a giant office wall-banner etc. as well as a heap of various but unique merchandise options to help spread the Financial word globally.

I’ve already booked my flights to and from America, I’ve booked and paid for 50% of the booth, and I’ve also put a heap of resources into a photo shoot to help with promotion and merchandise options, but I still have a long way to go. As you can imagine, this isn't the most affordable pursuit but I truly believe that it's worth a shot, so I'm trying to give it my all! 


To help me to get it there, I have decided to throw a Fundraising Extravaganza for my birthday this year on Saturday 25th March at The Curtin in Carlton. The event is linked to this Go Fund Me campaign, where I can reward EVERY single ticket buyer and donation that might potentially come through. The theme of the party is HOLLYWOOD, and fabulous prizes will be given out to the best-dressed 'celebrity' that arrives on the red carpet. There is an incredible lineup of performers appearing at the event, including Agent CleavePolly FillaDandrogynyBecky LouDolly DiamondClara CupcakesDean Arcuri, Thomas Jaspers, Valerie Hex, Tanzer, Philmah Bocks, Sasha Starr, James Andrews, Beni Lola and more!


'Rewarded Donations' start at $15, which will get you a ticket to the event. Whilst you are invited to donate whatever amount you might be willing or able to, I have set up reward levels to help give back to my supporters for helping to make this trip happen.

For $50, you will receive a ticket to the event and one of Karen's brand new T-Shirts:

If you live outside of Australia but can still help out, for $60 I'll film and send you a personalised video just for you!

For $100, Karen will bring you and three of your colleagues a coffee to your work place IN FULL DRAG!*

For $150, you receive the Silver package where

Karen will bring you and your colleagues coffee to your workplace, and you will also receive one of her brand new T-shirts and entry to the party*

For $200,  you not only receive entry to the event, but you will also receive a private lap dance from Karen herself!*

For $500, Karen will meet you at your workplace and take you and two colleagues out for a fabulous champagne brunch (and she will of course take care of the bill).*

For $550 you will receive the gold package, which includes a Drag Lunch with Karen, a T-Shirt and a ticket to the party*

*To receive these rewards, you will need to be based in Metropolitan Melbourne. Karen is more than happy to travel out to your workplace so long as it's not hours out of the CBD. If you would like to check first, please confirm with her before you make your donation.



Booth activation at LA Convention Center – approx. $500

Printing of booth materials, shirts, photos and cards - approx. $2000

Internal flights and travel – approx. $1000

Accommodation Assistance – approx. $3000

Total: $6500


Head to to donate now!